Training Tip: Collection and Extension

By flyingchanges / May 5, 2021
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Dressage expert Trevor Woodward discusses how Collection and Extension are two sides of the same coin. You will not have good extension without good collection. To talk about collection and…

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New Issue: Flying Changes May/June 2021

By flyingchanges / May 4, 2021

Flying Changes May/June 2021 is here and we are excited to share this issue with you. On the cover we have the incredible Horsepower Vineyards, a vineyard in the Walla…

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Trainer Profile: Akiko Hamada and Stellar Sport Horses

By flyingchanges / April 6, 2021

Akiko Hamada is an accomplished trainer and proud owner of Stellar Sport Horses. Akiko’s first-class training program operates out of French Hill Farm, located in Aurora, Oregon. The oasis sits…

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Young Horses: The “Hope” Market

By flyingchanges / April 1, 2021

The supply of “quality” young horses is large, but the animals for sale by trainers and breeders are not always promoted or presented in such a way that their potential…

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Discovering Horse Cultures Around the World: IRELAND

By flyingchanges / March 31, 2021

A Watson Fellowship provided Cello Lockwood the opportunity to actualize her dream of discovering horse cultures around the world. Her research proposal: to explore the tensions and solutions that have…

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#MYHORSE Kate and Crafted

By flyingchanges / March 26, 2021

Also known as Bruno! Our March/April #MYHORSE is the wonderful “Crafted” submitted by rider, Kate Hagerty. We love this incredible duo and have enjoyed seeing their success together during the…

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New to Flying Changes: The Bainbridge Island Saddle Club

By flyingchanges / March 23, 2021

Flying Changes Magazine is thrilled to announce the addition of the Bainbridge Island Saddle Club to its Club News section of the magazine. The Bainbridge Island Saddle Club is an…

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Oregon Dressage Society — Calling All Junior Riders

By flyingchanges / March 21, 2021

Are you a junior rider? Are you an ODS member wondering what ODS is doing for juniors? Do you participate in eventing and want to improve your dressage scores? How…

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Foaling: Late Term Pregnancy — Coming Down the Home Stretch

By flyingchanges / March 18, 2021

Foaling is an exciting time, and the wait can seem interminable (for you and the mare). But taking good care of your mare can make the wait go by faster…

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The Importance of Intuition

By flyingchanges / March 16, 2021

In this new Sports & Performance Psychology article, Dr. Darby Bonomi PhD discusses cultivating your “horse sense”. How important is intuition in guiding riding and decisions regarding your horse? Do…

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