Oregon Dressage Society — Calling All Junior Riders

By flyingchanges / March 21, 2021

Are you a junior rider? Are you an ODS member wondering what ODS is doing for juniors? Do you participate in eventing and want to improve your dressage scores? How…

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Foaling: Late Term Pregnancy — Coming Down the Home Stretch

By flyingchanges / March 18, 2021

Foaling is an exciting time, and the wait can seem interminable (for you and the mare). But taking good care of your mare can make the wait go by faster…

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The Importance of Intuition

By flyingchanges / March 16, 2021

In this new Sports & Performance Psychology article, Dr. Darby Bonomi PhD discusses cultivating your “horse sense”. How important is intuition in guiding riding and decisions regarding your horse? Do…

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New Owner Managers for FarmHill Equestrian Center

By flyingchanges / March 2, 2021

An abbreviated version of this article appears in our Mar/Apr Issue. This article was written and submitted by Paula Kuiper and Barbara Hort. It was the only dream she had…

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Horse Cultures Around The World: A Series by Cello Lockwood

By flyingchanges / February 24, 2021

A Watson Fellowship provided Cello Lockwood the opportunity to actualize her dream of discovering horse cultures around the world. Her research proposal: to explore the tensions and solutions that have…

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Laminitis: Signalment, Treatment and Prevention

By flyingchanges / February 18, 2021

Laminitis, commonly known as founder, is a very common ailment veterinarians encounter every day. It can be a painful condition that acutely affects a horse’s quality of life and ability…

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Cold Weather Riding Essentials From Kerrits

By flyingchanges / February 2, 2021

Flying Changes Magazine had the wonderful opportunity to try and review items from the Kerrits Winter Collection this year. Kerrits has been a go-to for riders in the Pacific Northwest…

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How Two Minds Meet: Imitation and Imagination

By flyingchanges / February 1, 2021
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In an excerpt from her new book, Dressage master Beth Baumert discusses the beauty of learning through imagination and imitation, a core principal behind the concepts in her instructional guide…

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#MYHORSE Emily and Kenny

By flyingchanges / January 28, 2021

Our Jan/Feb #MYHORSE is the fantastic Kenny Chestnut owned by Emily Mottern. This 12-year-old Quarter Horse was a Hunter Champion at Thunderbird last summer and is an attention-loving, people pleaser.…

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Making The Desert a Home

By flyingchanges / January 25, 2021

Changes at Desert International Horse Park Since its inception in 2007, the horse park in Thermal, California has become famous for its phenomenal weather, amazing sunsets, and for the international-level…

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