Staying Focused On Your Goals Pays Off

By flyingchanges / July 14, 2020

Paula Hagen and her mare Chiraz win a Bronze Medal at the Advanced Driving Championship. Here’s how they did it. When I bred my ridden dressage mare 15 years ago,…

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Shelley Campf from Oz Inc: “I choose optimism.”

By flyingchanges / June 10, 2020

The bulk of our May Issue was to focus on how our equine community has been affected by the pandemic. We asked trainers, veterinarians, equine professionals, riders, and owners to…

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In It For The Long Haul

By flyingchanges / May 1, 2020

APRIL 2020. The gift was perfect, yet bittersweet: an antique wooden hat and glove box in which to store the ribbons, test sheets, and photos I’d collected with my beloved…

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