#MYHORSE Maddie and Snow Cat

By flyingchanges / July 27, 2021

We love this feature and feel so lucky to present Maddie and her larger-than-life jumper, Snow Cat! This horse has a zest for life that is second to none and…

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#MYHORSE Kate and Crafted

By flyingchanges / March 26, 2021

Also known as Bruno! Our March/April #MYHORSE is the wonderful “Crafted” submitted by rider, Kate Hagerty. We love this incredible duo and have enjoyed seeing their success together during the…

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#MYHORSE Emily and Kenny

By flyingchanges / January 28, 2021

Our Jan/Feb #MYHORSE is the fantastic Kenny Chestnut owned by Emily Mottern. This 12-year-old Quarter Horse was a Hunter Champion at Thunderbird last summer and is an attention-loving, people pleaser.…

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#MYHORSE Patty and Rainberry

By flyingchanges / December 18, 2020

Our December #MYHORSE is the wonderful Picturesque Rainberry submitted by owner, Patty Glick. We love this incredible duo! Patty wrote in because she has always wanted to bring along a…

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#MYHORSE Heather Sterling and Daisy

By flyingchanges / October 13, 2020

Our October #MYHORSE is the wonderful Daisy (also known as Flower Girl) submitted by owner, Heather Sterling. We loved the journey this OTTB has been on — that’s her on…

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#MYHORSE Amy Bean and Duck Duck Goose

By flyingchanges / September 7, 2020

September Issue #MYHORSE What makes your horse special? We got some incredible responses from our request for submissions, including this months #MYHORSE from Amy Bean about her incredible gelding Duck…

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