Aspirations, Expectations, and Staying in our Lane

By flyingchanges / March 17, 2022

With Sports Psychologist Darby Bonomi PhD Darby Bonomi PhD is a Sport and Performance Psychologist. She works with equestrians in all disciplines, as well as other athletes, to achieve optimal…

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By flyingchanges / January 17, 2022

Sport and Performance Psychology With Darby Bonomi PhD Happy New Year!  To ring in the New Year, let’s talk about joy! What? You’re thinking…the holidays are long gone! Aren’t we…

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Q&A: Sports Psychologist Darby Bonomi PhD

By flyingchanges / November 17, 2021

We’ve been so fortunate to publish articles from our resident Sport Psychologist, Darby Bonomi PhD. Over the last year, she has guided our minds and rides with information on just…

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Expectations in the Ring: Inspiration, Motivation, or Baggage?

By flyingchanges / September 10, 2021

I’ve been hearing a lot about expectations recently. To be honest, I hear mostly about unmet expectations, along with disappointment, and frustration. “I didn’t meet my expectations.” “I wanted to…

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Let’s Do This! Using Mantras to Elevate Our Ride

By flyingchanges / July 6, 2021

Darby Bonomi, PhD is a Sport and Performance Psychologist. She works with equestrians in all disciplines, as well as other athletes, to achieve optimal performance in and out of the…

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Be “All In” – No Regrets on The Road to Mastery

By flyingchanges / May 6, 2021

Be all in.  It’s a common rally cry of coaches, but what does it mean? How does “being all in” translate into better performance and greater rewards? And, why is…

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The Importance of Intuition

By flyingchanges / March 16, 2021

In this new Sports & Performance Psychology article, Dr. Darby Bonomi PhD discusses cultivating your “horse sense”. How important is intuition in guiding riding and decisions regarding your horse? Do…

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Sport Performance and Psychology: Time to Clean Out That Tool Box!

By flyingchanges / January 21, 2021

When your tack trunk is a mess, what’s the first step to getting it ship shape? I know what I do! I dump the whole thing out and check what’s…

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FREE WEBINAR with Noelle Floyd and Darby Bonomi PhD

By flyingchanges / January 11, 2021

STARTS FEB 1, 2021: A free 4-week webinar talks about resilience, how to cultivate it, and why it is so important as riders (and people!) in pursuing our goals. We…

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End The Year With A Championship Mindset

By flyingchanges / December 7, 2020

Darby Bonomi PhD offers some helpful tips about how to frame your show year and how start 2021 feeling strong and confident. Be sure to continue reading her articles in…

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