Reduce Stress and Anxiety With These Relaxation Tips

By flyingchanges / October 5, 2020

Are you stressed? Do worries about your ride, fears of falling, or does angst about other parts of your life burden you as you step into the irons? If so,…

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Equestrians’ Unique Psychological Strengths

By flyingchanges / September 3, 2020

Life skills that riders come by naturally. This is a bizarre, uniquely challenging time. So much of what was routine is now upended. We have all been required to adapt,…

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Losing Confidence After a Fall: Sport & Performance Psychology With Darby Bonomi

By flyingchanges / August 1, 2020

Lost Confidence After a Fall? Give Yourself a Leg up on Full Recovery.  Fact: In our career as equestrians, we are going to fall. As one horse show announcer regularly remarks,…

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Introducing Sport and Performance Psychologist, Darby Bonomi, PhD

By flyingchanges / June 15, 2020

Darby Bonomi, PhD is a Sport and Performance Psychologist based in San Francisco. She works with equestrians in all disciplines, as well as other athletes, to achieve optimal performance in and…

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