Flying Changes 2021 Publishing Schedule

A new publishing schedule for 2021. Get stoked!

Let’s talk about changes. Because we have some big ones coming this year. Flying Changes Magazine has switched to a bimonthly publishing schedule in order to service the magazine and its readers more thoughtfully. We announced this change and what it means for readers, club members, and advertisers in our Jan/Feb issue, but here is a bit more on this new development. We are *super* excited about this update to the magazine and what it means for our equestrian community. Thank you everyone, for your support!

From the issue: “Flying Changes Magazine will be moving to a bimonthly print schedule in 2021, a big change from its twelve issues last year. Due to COVID and loss of ad revenue, the publication has decided to focus its efforts on just six issues a year (plus a bonus show issue!). This will allow us to continue servicing the riders, barns, and horse-lovers in the Pacific Northwest as the print publication you have grown to know and love all these years.

Fewer issues per year brings a lot of good stuff for readers, advertisers, and club members. A longer layover means we will have more time to service the content within our pages and subscribers can expect to see a longer, higher-quality magazine when Flying Change arrives in the mail. An increase in articles and better content, as well as an up-to-date directory and beefed up club section, means there is more to enjoy within each issue. Our readers can expect to see more of us online as well. Each month we will be producing content exclusively for our website,, and we will have increased digital advertising opportunities as well as in our newsletter, which has grown substantially this year.

The magazine is dedicated to being the #1 resource for sporthorse enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest and we have an awesome plan in place to facilitate that goal. We thank all our advertisers (who will enjoy links to ads in our online magazine every issue!) for your support, and to our readers for your understanding. We truly believe that this change will allow us to do more and we hope that you will all agree that over the course of 2021 we have elevated the publication to do its job better than ever.

Thank you, everyone. Cheers to 2021. We made it!”

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