FREE WEBINAR with Noelle Floyd and Darby Bonomi PhD

STARTS FEB 1, 2021: A free 4-week webinar talks about resilience, how to cultivate it, and why it is so important as riders (and people!) in pursuing our goals.

We have worked regularly with Darby Bonomi PhD on breaking down the psychological aspects of our sport that are so important. (You can read all her articles online in our blog archive!)

This 4-week class will teach riders that success isn’t about avoiding challenges altogether, it is how you react to adversity and how you get back in the saddle — literally and figuratively — when something doesn’t go your way.

The skills we develop for riding offer the dual purpose of helping us navigate our busy and complicated lives, and this webinar will help any rider bring added resilience in pursuit of his or her goals.

Reserve your spot now and learn more from the fantastic Darby Bonomi at:

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