Horse Cultures Around The World: A Series by Cello Lockwood

A Watson Fellowship provided Cello Lockwood the opportunity to actualize her dream of discovering horse cultures around the world. Her research proposal: to explore the tensions and solutions that have surfaced in horse communities in response to contemporary challenges, specifically economic and environmental pressures. From the lush fields of Ireland to the sand deserts of Jordan, the barren outback of Australia and the eternal pampas of Argentina, she carried out her independent yearlong project by working, walking, and riding alongside community members, listening, observing, and sharing. In this ongoing series, readers will have the opportunity to follow her adventures — the successes and setbacks, the inquires, and epiphanies — as Cello reports on the lessons learned, and observed, from her travels.

Coming up in our March/April Issue: Cello reports on the horse cultures of Ireland. Out March 1, 2021.

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