#MYHORSE Maddie and Snow Cat

We love this feature and feel so lucky to present Maddie and her larger-than-life jumper, Snow Cat! This horse has a zest for life that is second to none and tries his heart out for his owner, Madeleine (Maddie) McEntyre. Read more about this very special pair in our July/August, #MYHORSE.

Name: Snow Cat (Snowy)

Age: 13

Breed: Irish Sport Horse

Rider: Maddie McEntyre

Discipline: Show Jumper

Favorite Accomplishment: Qualifying for the 2018 Las Vegas National Horse Show in the 1.15 jumper division with me. Getting second in the 2017 Swiftwater $10,000 Grand Prix with trainer Tami Masters. 

Fun fact: Despite being 13 years old, Snowy is still willfully unbroke to being mounted. While he’ll let you get on from a traditional mounting block now (after a very laborious training regime), trying to get on from anything else (walls, jumps, logs, etc) is completely off-limits.

My horse is special because: He is a fighter. He defies adversity like life is a horse show and he’s trying to come out on top, and since I’ve owned him, Snowy’s faced quite a bit of adversity. With two major colics (one resulting in surgery) and injuries to both front legs in 2019, Snowy has had as many lows as he’s had highs. But I’ve never met a horse quite as committed as him to live his life his own way, without the input of others, no matter how hard we try to tame him or baby him along. If anyone can make a comeback, it’s Snowy, and knowing him, it will be in the most explosive and exciting way possible.

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Flying Changes Magazine is remiss to acknowledge that there was a typo in this article during printing. Rider Maddie McEntyre is the rider featured here, not Elese Viloria as was printed. Our apologies to Maddie and Snowy for this error.

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