Tack Trunk Essentials: bluerub, The Answer You’ve Been Looking For

A company for equestrian athletes.

Every once and a while a product or company comes along that deserves a little special attention.  Enter: bluerub. bluerub has been designing skin and body care creams for athletes for years, focusing on runners, swimmers, and triathletes offering a number of skin products that relate to the movement of bodies: chafing, rubbing, muscle aches – anything and everything an athlete experiences on the move.  Turns out, they have the perfect set of resources for equestrians too.

Anyone who rides regularly knows that riding isn’t a passive activity. They know equestrians and their horses are athletes, and that riding is a sport that requires WORK. To love and ride horses is to put your body in motion, and there is never a shortage of tasks where you are being asked to perform: in and out of the saddle.

Our sport is unique to others in that it involves the animal kingdom, but also that our gear and equipment is so varied. Our tack is an enormous part of riding and a lot of time and attention is spent in boots, sitting in saddles, buckling bridles, and tightening girths. We spend a lot of time in leather.

As it turns out, tack is the main reason I became a fan of bluerub. My horse is 17hh and with large shoulders his saddle is wide in order to fit him properly. At 5’3”, however, I am not a tall person, so while the saddle fits my horse, it is a bit too wide for me. When we are jumping or in hard work and contact with the saddle increases, I get rubs from the pommel, which increases day after day of riding. To put it frankly, it is… uncomfortable.

bluerub’s Chamois and Chafe creams, while originally designed for runners, swimmers, and bikers, the kinds of athletes who experience the pain and discomfort of rubbing regularly, are the perfect solution for the not-quite-right fit in the tack. A quick dab of the cream before I ride provides enough glide that I can ride comfortably day after day without pain. And it improves the quality of my ride by allowing me to be focused entirely on my horse and body position and not on any sort of discomfort in the saddle.

Tack trunk essentials. Don’t leave home without it!

I started to notice all kinds of perks and uses for the chamois cream. When some of the young riders in my barn were breaking in new boots for our late show season I had the perfect solution: bluerub. The back of their knees were being rubbed raw from the height and stiffness of the new boot, but it wasn’t a second thought after some chamois cream was applied while the boots broke in. It turned a painful break-in process into a summer of enjoyable lessons.

As it pertains to rubbing, chafing, and sores caused from contact with the tack, bluerub has you covered. But it also brings peace of mind as a clean product. bluerub is made from all natural ingredients and is developed from plant-based, non-toxic ingredients that you can feel good about putting on your body. Animal-lovers can rest assured that bluerub’s values as a company aligns with our own.

This is particularly important to me when I use the Muscle Recovery because I apply so much more of it to my body. If you are anything like me, my horses get sport massages and chiropractic, but I too easily neglect my own body. After a long day of riding, a trail ride, or a busy week at a show, the Muscle Recovery helps soothe and restore aches and pains. It’s the perfect amount of self care when a massage or break from riding isn’t available.

It really isn’t just lip service. With these products in my tack trunk I can ride longer and avoid irritants, and help my body with aches, so that I can keep doing the very thing I love: riding. The same way a blister can ruin the perfect run, so too can an irritating boot rub or sore back take your focus away from the ride. Without a lot of fuss, and with a whole lot of care, bluerub offers clean and eco-friendly products at an accessible cost that solve a whole host of issues equestrian athletes face in their riding journeys. I am beyond thrilled to share our experience with a brand whose heart, and products, are all, quite literally, in the right place.

We keep saying it: we are in love with the stuff. It has made all the difference.

Thank you, bluerub!

To find out more about this fantastic company and to order products, visit: www.bluerub.com

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