The Fabulous Mt. Hood Center

We had the opportunity to learn a little more about the fantastic Mt. Hood Center, which hosts incredible events and opportunities for local and visiting riders. In this feature we focus primarily on their trail course and wine event, which is held each month in the summer and fall, but we encourage interested parties to dig further. This place is something special!

The team at Mt Hood Center has created an amazing opportunity for local and visiting riders to explore everything their beautiful trail course has to offer while enjoying a selection of wines and hors d’oeuvres. The wine and trail event is held monthly in the summer and fall, and is just the thing to look forward to in making plans next year.

Designed by IMTCA founder Mike Bolender, the MHC trail course provides stunning views and functional obstacles for all levels of horsemanship. Riders from around the country enjoy perching atop their 13ft-high trestle bridge and gazing at the rolling hills surrounding Mt Hood Center. 

If heights aren’t your thing, you could always take a quick canter through their waterfall pond or try your horsemanship skills on their balancing-beam, pyramid, or many other obstacles & activities. Before, during, or after exploring the trail course, riders can simply approach the refreshments table and are served while on saddle. Wine is provided by Boring Brewing Co. and refreshments include charcuterie and cheeses.

Mt Hood Center is proud and excited to extend this opportunity to the community and can’t think of much they’d rather do than to gather with good friends and good wine from atop their beloved horses. 

For more information on events, visits, and specifically their wine and trail events, visit:

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