Cold Weather Riding Essentials From Kerrits

Flying Changes Magazine had the wonderful opportunity to try and review items from the Kerrits Winter Collection this year. Kerrits has been a go-to for riders in the Pacific Northwest not only because it’s founder is an Oregon rider, but because items like their fleece-lined breeches and warm winter coats have been necessary staples for riders who brave the wind, snow, and ice to keep riding during our cold, winter months. And as anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest knows, we have plenty of cold months ahead.

All riders have staple pieces: a favorite coat, a go-to winter hat, and winter breeches that their rider friends see at the barn week in and week out. That old puffy coat has seen a lot of hours at the barn! This year, a few new items became absolute essentials for those colder days. Here are some Kerrits essentials for your cold-weather riding wardrobe.

The Ride Lite Quilted Jacket. Packable, stretchy, and warm.

Packable, stretchy, warm, light. The Kerrits Ride Lite Quilted Jacket has everything an equestrian needs for those cold days at the barn. And unlike the winter brands your friends wear for a hike, Kerrits understands the specific needs of equestrians and has built this coat around those needs. Pockets that zip. Fleece panels that stretch for picking feet, putting on a saddle, jumping, or sitting that spooky winter buck. We have found that this light weight coat, with 100g fill and a two way zipper in front, is also is cut for riders, offering a long fit in the back to protect that vulnerable, low-back zone from cold winter gusts. The jacket is awesome for layering, since we all know how badly you need to shed a layer when work picks up in the saddle, and is fitted, yet roomy enough for under layers. The riders at my barn who have tried this jacket find it versatile and ideal for not only winter but also those breezy fringe season days and nights.

The perfect three quarter length jacket for riding.

Kerrtis also debuted an Elevation Coat this winter. This piece has a three quarter length silhouette, which has been fantastic for covering thighs and knees while in the windy barn aisle, but the feature that has kept me coming back to this coat again and again is the two-way front zipper and split tails. This allows me to keep this longer, fleece-lined coat on while I ride with an accommodating fit for my saddle.  A slim fit, but with fleece and wind proofing, has turned this coat into a weekly essential for chores in the barn aisle and easy transitions to riding.

The Elevation Coat accommodates the saddle perfectly.

Of course Kerrits has a reputation for accessible price points, allowing riders new items like their Quilted Jacket and Elevation Coat without breaking the bank. It calls into question why more brands aren’t making quality outdoor wear that gets the job done at a similar level, but it also is the reason we are diehard fans of a brand whose style, price point, and functionality are in perfect balance.

A final shout out to the 3-Season Breech as well. Kerrits is nearly out of this beloved item but I had to include it because I was a devout fan of Kerrits’ old fleece-lined breeches to the extent that I held onto my old, thick pairs years. However, this new development in technology and fit offers the warmth of the pairs you have come to know and love (and cling to!) but in a slimmer, more sophisticated fit. So much so, I don’t have to change out of my summer boots. These warm, but sleek breeches, fit under my boots without stretching and I am not joking when I say that almost everyone at my barn owns a pair. Warm and happy this winter – you can’t beat that!

So riders, take our word for it: we have been riding in Kerrits all winter and are feeling warm, stylish, and cozy. If you didn’t get that certain item for Christmas or have found your cold weather riding wardrobe might be lacking, please, go their way. Sale items are hitting the website and store racks as we speak and yet we all know… there is so much winter left.

Thank you, all, and thank you, Kerrits! A brand that truly knows a rider’s needs.

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